Soon we will open an online support forum, for now please check below for frequently asked questions. If you still have a question, please use our Contact page

  • Q: Will Clarkii work with Firefox, Opera, etc ?
    A: Yes, Clarkii was developed using Flex and will work on all platforms with all modern browsers

  • Q: Can I change the layout (colours, size etc) of Clarkii to fit my website/CMS?
    A: Yes, you have full control over the background colour. You can load Clarkii using a fixed and specified height and width. Besides you can make the size relative to the screen size. When the user would enlarge the screen or make the screen smaller also Clarkii would size accordingly.

  • Q: Is possible to configure what buttons/options are displayed on the toolbar?
    A: Yes, you have full control over which buttons are shown on the toolbar. You can even specificy whether some of the options under a button should appear or not.

  • Q: Is it possible to turn off any of the features so that users cannot destroy photos but only crop/rotate them?
    A: Yes, you can turn on/off all menu options individually via a script and therefor for instance limiting the functionality only to crop & rotate. You can even define the crop and/or resize possibilities (min/max width and height or predefined sizes).

  • Q: Can I save graphics with Clarkii so that my customers later can easily change the content (for instance textual elements)?
    A: Yes, Clarkii allows you as an 'administrator' to save images together with an xml file that stores all layer and graphical elements information. You can create a 'template', e.g. a banner with 'type your companyname here'. When the customer opens the banner in Clarkii they can replace that text with their own and preserving all the other layout elements. They then would upload the image to server (as jpg, png or gif).

  • Q: Can I change the contents of the help function?
    A: Yes, you can specify the URL of the help file so you can make and brand your own help function.

  • Q: What do I have to install on my server to run Clarkii?
    A: You don't have to install anything! Just place Clarkii on your website and call it via a script (examples scripts in PHP, ASP.Net, JSP and ColdFusion will be included; note that when you use Classic ASP and larger images (>75KB) you will need to have access to a dll that will perform the base 64 en-/decoding). Clarkii is server platform independent: it runs on a Windows server, Linux server etc.

  • Q: What is the price for an unlimited version to be incorporated into a CMS or website?
    A: We have a not branded full redistributable license for Euro 799,- (excl. VAT)